PPR Monthly Newsletter - June

Nic's Note

We are so lucky to be involved in one of the fastest growing sports around. Pickleball is exploding, but we don’t have to. We can adapt and adjust.


Did you know that there are more than 700 USAPA approved paddles and 33 different types of pickleball balls? There are pickleball courts on basketball lined ‘gym’ floors (most common indoor surface), concrete floors, converted tennis courts, blended lines on tennis/basketball courts, surfaces placed on platform tennis courts, indoor tennis courts, indoor track surfaces, asphalt driveways/parking lots, carpeted floors, and yes, even clay tennis courts as you will read in this issue. So many options! Ack!


All this may seem overwhelming with WAAAAYYYY too many choices. Instead of being overwhelmed, I choose to see opportunities!


With the flexibility of court surfaces, we can teach pickleball pretty much anywhere. For example, a couple of weeks ago, rain threatened to stop one of our training classes at LTP Daniel Island in Charleston (home to the Volvo Car Open WTA tennis tournament). Rather than panic, the team went under the cover of the stadium court seats, measured out the non-volley zone lines, set up two temporary nets and began the workshop. They adapted and adjusted.


This month’s newsletter focuses on adapting and adjusting. Whether you’re new to teaching pickleball or an experienced coach, you WILL be faced with unpredictable situations like rain. So, when things are not going as planned and panic starts to set in . . . pause, take a deep breath, smile, then adapt and adjust. Your students are counting on you!



Many of you know Dan Santorum, PPR, and PTR CEO. I first met Dan in late September last year during lead clinician training at Palmetto Dunes. To be honest, I had never heard of him. I am not a tennis instructor, player yes . . . Teacher no. This was the first training of clinicians led by Sarah Ansboury to help build Team PPR by adding five more people to help conduct workshops. Dan welcomed us with a big smile and a positive attitude that immediately bonded us like family, PPR family.

I’ve always believed in progress. The idea is that something done well today should be even better tomorrow. It only makes sense that great coaches, players, and sports in general, should continue to improve over time. The same can be said for pickleball.

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Where is the most unusual place you have played / coached pickleball?


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