The 8-hour blended Certification workshop is for coaches working with Adult Pickleball players. Each workshop is delivered by highly trained clinicians responsible for creating an effective learning environment for all coaches. The workshops include the oncourt teaching test and the skills assessment within the 8 hours. The written test is self-directed online after the workshop. The workshop fee is $147.

Coaches attending the Certification Workshop and who demonstrate an acceptable level of competence in three (3) key areas will achieve a PPR Certification at one of the following levels:

Pro Certification: 4.0 skill level playing and demonstrating, exceptional teaching ability, score at least 90% on the written exam, will be certified to teach both beginners and improvers
Coach Certification: 3.5 skill level playing and demonstrating, competent teaching ability, score at least 75% on the written exam, will be certified to teach beginners

You must be a PPR Certified Member in order to register for a PPR Certification workshop. 

PPR will maintain safe practices and social distancing as we start to host our face-to-face workshops in certain locations. Thanks for your patience as we start to populate our schedule safely.
Check back regularly for updates.

May 17 -  PC051721OH
May 22MD - Baltimore**Wait List**PC052221MD
May 22NJ - Ocean City**Wait List**PC052221NJ
May 28NJ - Tinton Falls**Wait List**PC052821NJ
May 29NC - High Point**Wait List**PC052921NC
May 30NJ - Bedminster**Wait List**PC053021NJ
June 5OH - ColumbusOnly 1 Spot Left!PC060521OH
June 5PA - Jamison**Wait List**PC052821PA
June 6NJ - Bedminster**Wait List**PC060621NJ
June 11GA - Albany PC061121GA
June 12MD - Baltimore**Wait List**PC061221MD
June 12PA - PhiladelphiaOnly 4 Spots Left!PC061221PA
June 14GA - Savannah PC061421GA
June 18NJ - BedminsterOnly 5 Spots Left!PC061821NJ
June 18PA - Lancaster PC061821PA
June 26TX - Dallas PC062621TX
June 27ME - Falmouth PC062721ME
July 24TX - Dallas PC072421TX
September 10CA - Fountain Valley PC091021CA
September 25TX - Dallas PC092521TX
October 21TX - Dallas PC102121TX, the leading tournament management software, is the gold standard for running pickleball tournaments.  For more than 10 years, has been the engine driving thousands of successful pickleball events, from small round robins to the largest tournaments in the world. 

In 2019, and PPR entered a partnership bringing together the leaders in powering tournaments and in education and certification to create a Registration and Desk Operations Manager Certification.  

Once you successfully pass the certification, you will be competent in the following:

  • Complete tournament setup
  • Register players into play events, non-play events like meals, T-shirts, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Forecast daily schedules with the dayplanner
  • Administer wait lists
  • Player check-in
  • Handle court assignments
  • Record match results
  • Generate brackets
  • Automatic inclusion in UTPR calculations
  • and much more

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    A 3 hour workshop specifically designed for people who introduce pickleball to new players, especially those with little to no prior sports background.  This course will teach you to easily show new players the non-volley zone, transition, serve, return and scoring – the basics of pickleball. There are no testing requirements nor certification and participants will receive an attendance/completion certificate. This course is ideal for USA Pickleball Ambassadors and those who facilitate open play at various facilities. Workshop registration is $74.

    **Must be at least a PPR Affiliate & USA Pickleball member to take workshop**

    New workshops are added weekly, if you don’t see a workshop in your area, you should go ahead and join PPR to stay updated on the latest workshops added.

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    Participants receive a digital copy of USA Pickleball Playbook for Youth as well as other Youth Development Resources.

    This exciting new curriculum will help coaches

    • Introduce Basic Skills in a Dynamic Manner
    • Acquire effective methods for managing play for groups of all sizes, ages and abilities
    • Discover new fun skill building activities
    • Learn new Pickleball Games
    • Adapt for any Space
    • Keep Kids engaged and energized
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