Professional Pickleball Registry is dedicated to providing top-notch educational experiences for pickleball instructors and enthusiasts.  Whether you are looking to become a certified instructor, tournament director, or just looking for guidance on how to introduce new players to the sport, we have something for you.

Certification Workshops

Our pickleball certification workshops are designed for coaches working with adult pickleball players at the beginner and improver levels.  Each certification workshop is delivered by highly-trained clinicians responsible for creating an effective learning environment for all coaches. 

Once a coach registers for a certification workshop, they are emailed access to a study guide and three-hour online video course targeted towards working specifically with brand-new pickleball players.  Once this material has been completed, coaches attend the five-hour in-person workshop, where the coach developer will guide them through all topics related to working with improver players.  At the conclusion of the workshop, all coaches will asked to give a twenty-minute lesson, displaying their teaching and demonstration skills as well as their understanding of the PPR methodology.  To complete their certification, coaches will be required to take an online multiple-choice exam the week following the workshop, testing what they learned throughout the workshop as well as general pickleball knowledge.

In order to become certified, coaches must demonstrate an acceptable level of competence in three key areas – playing/demonstrating skills, teaching, and knowledge.  Depending on how successfully coaches perform in those areas, they will either earn the COACH rating or PRO rating.  Certified Coaches must play and demonstrate technically sound strokes at least at a 3.5 skill level or higher, demonstrate competent teaching ability, and score at least a 75% on the written exam and will be certified to teach beginner students.  Certified Pros must play and demonstrate technically sound strokes at least at a 4.0 skill level or higher, demonstrate exceptional teaching ability, and score at least a 90% on the written exam.  These coaches will be certified to teach beginners and improvers.

All workshop participants must be current members of PPR.

Cost: $147


PPR is the Official Education & Certification Partner of USA Pickleball.

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Registration & Desk Operations Manager Certification Course

This course is designed to give you the tools you need to run a successful tournament on the leading tournament management software,  For over ten years, has been the gold standard for running pickleball tournaments and has been the engine driving thousands of successful pickleball events from small round-robins to the largest tournaments in the world. 

By completing this course, you will be ready to run a tournament utilizing’s software and will be competent in handling tournament setup, player registration, setting daily schedules, assigning match courts, recording results, generating brackets, and so much more. 

Cost: $157

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